January 2020

Colorist Inspiration – January 2020

January 16, 2020

Dan kicks off January 2020 by looking back on 2019 and speaks about his personal favourite grades & experiences of the past year.

Day 16: 24 Insights In 24 Days ā€“ 2020 New Year Marathon!

Revisiting 2019: How Far Have I Grown?

Happy January 2020! Long-time members of Mixing Light know that Iā€™m quite fond of checking out my own progress at the start of a new year. I find that it helps me see whether I’ve grown as a colourist, if I used my knowledge as best as possible, whether there are techniques I’ve forgotten that I could pick up once again, and to identify areas that have weakened or need strengthening.

Looking back, 2019 was a great and challenging year for me. It was my second year as an independent freelance colourist and my small studio got busier and busier as the months went along.

I found myself drifting towards working out of my own studio almost all the time compared with freelancing at other studios as I did in my first year.

Grading is hugely based on word of mouth and reputation so by following the mantra of I’m only as good as my last job things have grown nicely.

Following up on last year’s themed list of memories. I’m listing them on the most memorable grades of the year. It can be a grade that was particularly good, or how I got the job, or I just had a lot of fun during the process! Let’s see what’s most memorable (for me) from 2019 (and why)…

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