Colorist Inspiration – January 2018

January 1, 2018

Colorist Dan Moran spends the first day of January 2018 looking back on his best work from 2017. Picking his favourite commercials, music videos and long form narrative projects and also sharing the stories behind when he enjoyed them so much.

Day 1: 24 Insights in 24 Days 2018 New Year Marathon

My Best Work Of 2017

In this Insight I thought it would be great to spend the first day of January 2018 with a review of my own work from 2017.

Long time members of Mixing Light know that I’m quite fond of checking out my own progress over the years.

I find that it helps me see whether i’ve grown as a colourist and used my knowledge as best as possible, whether there are techniques i’ve forgotten that i could pick up once again and also to see whether there are any areas I have weakened.

It’s always hard to look at a job from two years ago and think I actually graded that better than a similar job this year, but I’m always a massive believer in self critique rather than always looking forward with blinkers on for the past.

There are many reasons for things like that happening.

This year I did a lot of fashion and I mean a LOT. I would easily have graded one or two fashion jobs a week for most of 2017.

Although I found fashion fun initially, by the end of the year I found it quite stifling. Fashion is always a case of just shut up and match this still, with very little room for creative input from myself.

It’s a great area of grading and pays quite well but relies much more heavily on technical grading rather than storytelling and emotion.

Due to this I feel like my narrative and grittier grading has suffered quite a bit.

My focus for early 2018 is to do as much narrative as possible and really try and get my head back into that world – I miss it!

If you’d like to find out any more about the jobs below please do post a question in the comment and I can answer them in either insights or in the comments section directly.

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