Look Inspiration – Bond Movie Inspired Retro Look

January 23, 2016

Dan shares his attempt and look inspiration in DaVinci of a fabulous Bond movie inspired 35mm film look from the music video Genghis Khan by Miike Snow.


As soon as I’d seen the amazing bond movie-style music video for Genghis Kahn by Miike Snow  I knew I’d have to try and replicate the look.

Shot on 35mm film with vintage lenses the video echos of the classic Sean Connery era James Bond vs Evil Super Villen battle.

Let’s start by checking out the video below!

Miike Snow “Genghis Khan” // Dir: Ninian Doff from Ninian Doff on Vimeo.

As you can see the video has both stunning texture and color pallets. The art direction plays a HUGE part of this look but we will do our best to replicate the tone and mood in the grade.

The video was shot by Patrick Meller on 35mm film.

The video is a mix of classic lenses and using the right film stock.

In the video insight below I do my best to try and replicate the look using Arri Alexa source footage and I think I got it pretty close!



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Homepage Forums Look Inspiration – Bond Movie Inspired Retro Look

  • Seems the same video as 70s tv look, ML427? Download as well :/

  • Dan Moran

    Can you try refreshing it and see if that works? I think I hit publish a tiny bit too early 😉

  • Bonds away! (Sorry..couldnt resist. Im tired haha)

  • This is awesome Dan! The final result looks really authentic!

  • Great 007 look Dan, I finally start to understand what you mean when you always talk about your “creamyness” in the blacks/mids or highs and how to get that. Any chance of a single frame tiff of this Alexa footage, so i can try this myself ?

  • Amazing stuff Dan as always! The saturation in the lower midtones just looks amazing, i think i need to do more experiments with the sat vs sat curve as it might give similar results! I noticed you have that damn wacom express view popping up anytime you brush your hand in the buttons, drives me nuts when i work!

  • Dan Moran

    Hey Stepan,

    I think I’ll play around with the sat curves too and see if I can find something fun. Yeah I decided not to use my tablet anymore after that insight! My old one was fine but just got a new one and it drives me up the wall!

  • I disabled all buttons in the wacom driver. That helps a lot, you also need to make sure you disable the show express view checkbox on the keys and the wheel. Thats the option than brings it up when you brush your hand on it rather than actually pushing it.

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