Resolve Live Grading Essentials

Resolve Live Grading Essentials

February 2, 2014

A powerful new feature in DaVinci Resolve 10 is Resolve Live. Learn the essentials of how to his feature works & can help you on-set.

Resolve Live: Grading Live Video

When Resolve 10 was announced, besides the plethora of grading and editing enhancements one feature that flew under the radar a bit was Resolve Live.

DITs, cinematographers, gaffers and other production folks where probably thrilled about this new Resolve 10 feature.

But for the vast majority of Resolve users in dedicated color suites or at the very least use Resolve as part of their general postproduction tool kit, Resolve Live was a feature that was perhaps a bit confusing or they simply didn’t pay much attention too.

In this Insight, we take a look at this really cool feature and hopefully demystify it as we think its something you can integrate into your own workflows.

Live and Real-Time

So what does Resolve Live actually mean?

Obviously, one of Resolve’s strongest selling points is that under most situations its a real-time color grading system.

Thats true of course with footage that is already on you drives, but Resolve Live ups the ante. With Resolve Live you can grade incoming footage off supported Blackmagic hardware including Blackmagic Cinema Cameras over Thunderbolt.

While passing through live footage the entire Resolve grading feature set is available to you including: Primary controls, Curves, Keying, Windows, Soft Clipping etc. ¬†Anything that you’d normally do to a shot when grading in postproduction you can do while grading live. ¬†In my experience, there is a a tad bit more lag, but its nominal.

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