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The Essential Gear For An On-Set Color Correction DIT Cart

April 9, 2017

Rich Roddman C.S.I. shows how he sets up his Cart for on-set color correction... and the thinking behind his choices.Part 4 of a DIT series.

DIT fundamentals: Part 4

In Parts 1, 2, and 3 of our DIT Fundamentals series, professional DIT and colorist Rich Roddman talks about how he builds out his mobile carts for on-set work. He also shared with us the components of his Download Kits. We’re wrapping up this series with a look at Rich’s fully configured on-set color correction DIT cart.

The Color Correction DIT Cart

Building on the same platform as his smaller download kits, when building a cart to handle on-set color correction Rich has more gear he has to transport and power. On this rig, he’s moved off the laptops and onto a much more powerful desktop (with a small footprint) and it includes:

  • MacPro workstation – with three independent Thunderbolt buses that power his workflow throughout the day
  • Wacom Cintiq – it’s both his MacPro User Interface and an input device
  • Flanders Scientific 171 – a reference-grade display that he keeps carefully calibrated
  • Tangent Ripple – for basic primary corrections without eating up a ton of cart real estate
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply – just in case the power gets interrupted.
  • Plus many more gadgets – many of which you saw in Part 1 of this series

Rich also mentions ShotPut Pro, which is one of several apps he considers essential to his job. You can watch Part 1 of Rich’s new series to learn how he uses ShotPut Pro and what makes it so critical. Coming soon in Part 2 of that series Rich tackles another bit of software he mentions, Silverstack.

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