Mixing Light 2.0 Membership Changes & New Features!

April 10, 2017

Learn about changes and new features for Mixing Light members with the newest version of our Website - Mixing Light 2.0.


Episode 37: From The Mailbag

Learn About The Changes We’ve Made In MixingLight 2.0

We did it! Nearly 5 months after starting the processing of building out MixingLight 2.0, today 4/10/17 we launched the new version of our website!

The evolution of this site is in large part due to you, our members.

Over the years, your loyalty, feature requests, bug notifications and amazing questions have fueled Team Mixing Light.  You’ve inspired us to not only continually create new content, but have inspired us to try to deliver a better member experience.

MixingLight 2.0 is the culmination of that inspiration.

Our new website would also not be possible without the amazing work of our developer – Ali Jarfarian from Creatency, and from the Team Mixing Light side by the never say die attitude of Patrick!

Mega-Thanks: A huge HUGE shout out goes to what we affectionately named the Orlando Minions, who toiled for weeks going through Every. Single. Insight. They replaced every video, checked every bit of metadata and basically did the work the computers failed at. Thank you Richie Haines and Nick Hall! And during Launch Weekend, Mixing Light’s Member-At-Large called out every overlooked detail the rest of us failed to find. Thank you Christophe Delaunay! There were times we thought we’d never finish your To-Do list, but you made this site much better for your eagle eye of details!

We’re so excited about this new phase for Mixing Light. This new version of the website is a new platform which we will continue to build on – we have nearly 50 new features already in the works!

In this special edition of From The Mailbag, we want to share with you some of the changes that affect you as members, and also describe some of the new features of the website.

As you’ll hear in the Mailbag parts below,  we know that there will be bugs in the first few weeks after this launch. With nearly 600 pieces of content and growing, we probably missed something!

So, please do us a favor – if you see something that is clearly broken, experience some weird behavior on the site, or have any problems that impact your overall experience, kindly let us know!

You can use the contact form to drop us a line or start a support ticket with our new support system

Mixing Light 2.0 Membership Changes

With Mixing Light 2.0 we burned the house down.  If that sounds like hyperbole, it’s not!

Really, there are only two things that are the same in this new version of the website – Team Mixing Light and the nearly 600 pieces of content we produced prior to switching over to ML 2.0!

In part one, we discuss one thing that is a pretty major change:


Earlier this week we emailed about this, but in part 1 we explain why this had to be done.  Don’t worry!

If your membership was active prior to us going ‘dark’ last Thursday, you will continue to have access to Mixing Light until your next renewal date. When your subscription is due to renew, we’ll ask you to sign up again for the membership plan of your choosing. Oh – and we extended your renewal date by one week to make up for us being offline for 5 days.

But here’s the cool part – when you’re subscription comes up for renewal we are offering special pricing.

Active Members Get A Chance At Our 2013 Pricing – with Price-Lock!

When we launched 5 years ago we had special pricing that lasted for about 2 months. And it’s never returned.  Until today. And only for members who’s accounts were active when we went ‘dark’ on April 6, 2017. When you take advantage of that exclusive offer you’ll lock your subscription in at that price moving forward – for as long as you stay at that Membership Level!

Launch Special Price-Lock Caveat

One thing about this Launch Price special – if you lock in at Streaming and then a year from now decide to switch to Premium, you’ll lose that Price-Lock protection. Given that this pricing is likely never to happen again, not on a permanent renewing basis – think carefully about which level you want to price-lock in.

And to repeat – this Launch Pricing is only available to members who’s accounts were active when Mixing Light 1.0 went ‘dark’ on April 6, 2017. You can only find this offer on the new Member Dashboard.

If you qualify for this Offer, it will appear on your Member Dashboard!

This offer will disappear from your account shortly after your current membership term expires (and when is that? Visit the My Account page for your exact expiration date!)

But that’s not the only big change…

We no longer accept PayPal

Almost all of the account/billing support emails we got over the past few years had to do with Paypal. The truth is that Paypal put a layer between Mixing Light and our members and we feel by not using PayPal, we can service member account needs in a much more streamlined way.

Finally, the other major changes for members is that we’ve reconfigured our membership plans.

Our Membership Levels Have Changed

In Mixing Light 1.0 everyone had the same Membership Level, you just selected different payment terms. Now, we have two different Membership Levels, each with two different payment terms. What’s the big difference between the two Membership Levels? The ability to download our videos and audio to your computer to build your personal color correction tutorial library. Here’s what they are:

Streaming-Only Membership

If you’re currently a Monthly member (in Mixing Light 1.0 parlance) then you are now on the Streaming-Only Membership plan. You have full access to the Insights Color Library, but you won’t be able to download the videos or podcasts. You still get Members-only discounts on our stand-alone Courses and Practice Projects (more on that in a minute). But you can’t download to your desktop.

Why Did We End Downloading For The Streaming Plan?

We had too many members who sign up for a month, download 6 months of content, and cancel. And then repeat 6 months later. And given the number of monthly members who stay with us month-after-month and year-after-year, it felt like they were getting the ‘short end of the stick’… in essence our loyal monthly, quarterly and annual members were paying for content creation that allowed others to pop in, download and disappear.

With this change, we’re hoping to encourage our current Monthly members to jump on a Quarterly Plan (which is less expensive, anyway) and get the full Insights Library experience they’ve always enjoyed!

This change is also why we’ve introduced the limited time Legacy Pricing. To make the transition for Monthly members easier as you on-board to the new Premium Membership.

Premium Membership: Streaming + Downloading

Our new Premium Membership is essentially the Mixing Light you’ve know and love. You can stream plus have the ability to download audio and video content for offline viewing and building your own personal library. Premium Memberships are billed either quarterly or annually. And if you figure out the total cost over 12 months, both are less expensive than going monthly for a full year.

We are adding future extras from Premium Memberships, so stay tuned.

Mixing Light 2.0 New Features

We mentioned that we started from scratch when we built Mixing Light 2.0. When we started, we had a feature list hundreds of items long and the good news is we got most of them!

Some of these items were things that directly impact your member experience – like our totally new My Account page that makes it so much easier to manage all aspect of your account such as printing receipts (including a VAT field for our European members!).

Bookmark With Favorites

Based on member feedback, we added a ‘Favorites’ function. You can recall your saved favorites from your Member Dashboard at any time. And as more and more members save their Favorites you’ll be able to see the Most Popular Favorites on that page.

Architecture Improvements

We’ve focused heavily on the back end of the site. In pretty rigorous speed and load testing, Mixing Light came up 200% faster than it used to be! And that’s before we’ve done optimizations on how we compress and send our HTML pages. If the site feels zippier now… it’l get faster yet.

Introducing: Color Correction Practice Projects!

We are super-proud to announce an entirely new product category called Color Correction Practice Projects.

Practice Projects are short films, from real filmmakers. Practice Projects allow purchasers to get access to high-quality footage from the latest cameras. The best part? When you purchase a Practice Project the footage & color grading you execute can be put on your demo reel!

We’re launching two Practice Projects – In The Shadow Of Giants, And Mother Died

The first was featured in Patrick’s series on Conforming Giants. It’s a mixed camera (Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Osmo, Canon 5D) , mixed codec, mixed frame rate documentary that reflects all the modern challenges of color correcting reality- or doc- style projects.

The second is a RED 5K narrative short in the Thriller / Horror genre (all the violence is implied and off-screen).

The range between these two Practice Projects reflects our goals in this new product category. Our plan is to add new projects, ideally every quarter.

In this Mailbag

In part 1 of this Mailbag, Team Mixing Light riffs on why we made the big changes to our Memberships. What was the rationale and what are the benefits?

In part 2, we’ll talk about our favorite new features.

Of course, use the Comments to share your thoughts about Mixing Light 2.0. Discover your new features and let us know! And if we got something wrong? Let us know as well.

Finally,  if you have a question that you think would be good for an episode of the MailBag please get in touch.

-Team Mixing Light

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