Essential Software for on-set work, Part 1

Essential Software for On-Set Data Downloading of Camera Cards

March 24, 2017

Does it matter if the director, actors or cinematographer are awesome - if the camera data is corrupt or lost? Tools for DIT happiness...

Essential Data Downloading Software: Part 1

What is the essential software if you’re doing on-set data downloading?

Part 1: Software that gets you started quickly, copying faster and leaving a paper trail

I’ve been really pleased by the reaction to my DIT Cart series with Patrick, here on Mixing Light. You have all been really welcoming and the comments have been very solid and on-point. One question/request that I’ve been getting (both here on Mixing Light and on social media) is if I can share my favorite software for data downloading. And it’s a GREAT request. A well thought out software suite will cover almost any situation you run into (after all, our clients often ask for the most unexpected things at the worst time).

Let’s explore the software that I consider essential and use Every. Single. Day.

I’m breaking this Insight into two Parts. You’ll start by learning the software that gets me started every day. From testing drive speeds to setting up my folder structure, these bits of software ensure I’m not wasting time in the morning. It also helps me find bottlenecks so that I can set expectations for the rest of the day.

Then we’ll move on to the core of the Data Wrangler’s day, doing the actual copying across from the camera cards to my hard drives.

Hard. Drives. Plural.

I never copy to just one drive. I’m always copying to multiple drives, simultaneously. And that means I’m not dragging and dropping from the desktop. Ever!

You’ll learn why in this Video Insight! In Part 2 we’ll take a look at my Swiss Army Knifes, which are multiple-use software that can adapt to the changing needs of a chaotic on-set day.

Please, leave comments and share your thoughts, tips, and questions!

– Rich

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