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Team MixingLight’s NAB 2015 Breakdown

May 19, 2015

A couple weeks after NAB 2015, Team Mixing Light breaks down NAB 2015 - the gear & other amazing stuff from the week.


Episode 25: From The Mailbag

Breaking Down NAB 2015 – Hardware, Software & Other Fun Stuff

After one of the best NABs in years, we decided it’d be a great idea to break down some of our experiences with 3 Parts in this installment of ‘From The Mailbag’.

Yep, we’re a little behind on the NAB 2015 coverage but we wanted to let some of our thoughts develop over the past few weeks. And yes, the parts in this MailBag are a little long – we had a lot to say!

From Blackmagic pumping out new cameras to Patrick & some friends crawling the floor for monitors, this year’s NAB had a lot to offer in terms of hardware.

New or updated software also had its place on the show floor.

Blackmagic announced Resolve 12, Adobe totally revised the color toolset in Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X even got some love.

The more times Team Mixing Light visits NAB the more we’re able to reflect on how great it is and this year it was especially awesome because of the amazing Colorist Mixer!

We’ll tackle all of these things in this installment of ‘From The Mailbag’.

Remember, if you have questions that you’d like to get an opinion on please use the contact form.

Your questions can be aesthetic, technical or even client related. We’d love to hear from you, and your question might make future episodes of From The Mailbag.

From Little Cameras & Reference Monitors To Incredibly Fast Storage -Hardware Is Always King At NAB

When you step into any of the halls at NAB (there are at least 5 of them) you have to be prepared to be dazzled by all hardware on display.

Cameras, monitors, converters, satellites and new in the past few years – drones!

While it would take 50 hours of Mailbags to cover all the hardware we saw, in Part 1 we break down some gear highlights including some new camera hardware and converters from Blackmagic.

Pat describes his ‘monitor’ crawl exploring HDR reference displays & Dan/Robbie are bummed they didn’t spend enough time on the show floor playing with toys, but did manage to be wowed by new offerings from FSI.

Resolve 12 & Other Color Tidbits

It’s hard to miss the Blackmagic Design booth located right at the entrance to the Las Vegas Convention Center’s south hall – it’s by far one of the biggest, if not the largest booth at the show.

Besides cameras, Blackmagic was showing off Resolve 12 as well as Fusion for the Mac.

The announcement of a new version of Resolve each year at NAB has become a routine, but still really anticipated event and this year was no different.

Blackmagic continues to beef up the editorial features of Resolve this year refining many existing features, but also adding brand new ones that you typically find in a dedicated NLE like multicam editing, advanced audio tools including audio effects.

Of course, the Color side of Resolve also was improved with dozens of new workflow features and enhancements and oh yeah! The UI has been updated again!

In Part 2 we discuss things we like and don’t like in Resolve 12 – but remember this was an announcement not a release.  Once we get our hands on Resolve 12 we’ll be doing a lot of Insights covering all the great new stuff.

Of course, Resolve isn’t the only color tool out there.

Robbie presented at the Adobe booth this year so we get into the new color tools being added to Premiere Pro, as well an awesome new tool that Adobe is working on code-named “Project Candy”.

Pat shares his opinions about Final Cut Pro 10.2 and of course, lots of tools like Baselight, Mistika, and FilmMaster got updates so it was an exciting year for color software!

NAB Is More Than Just Toys – Evaluating The Overall Experience

The SuperBowl of production and postproduction shows is of course about the show floor, but also what’s happening around town during the week.

In Part 3, we talk about the extremely successful 2015 Colorist Mixer, other parties like The Media Motion Ball and how Post Production World (training conference) was better than ever this year.

NAB is all about making new friends and seeing old ones and this year perhaps more than any year, we made more new friends & the conversations with old ones were amazing.

If you’ve not been to NAB before, hopefully, Part 3 will convince you to come next year!

As always, enjoy the MailBag and please use the comments below if you have more to add to the conversation or have other questions. 

-Team Mixing Light

Show Notes

In Episode 2 Pat & Robbie mention a blog post Patrick did on Tao Of Color here it is

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