Rediscover The Basics - Invisible Look Technique

Rediscover The Basics – Invisible Look Technique

May 18, 2015

What do you do when a client says keep it natural? Dan shares tips for getting the most out of your image by building an invisible look


How to ‘Hide’ Your Color Corrections With A Simple Technique

Sometimes a grading session can be less about making crazy extreme looks and more about natural images graded well. This is where my invisible look technique comes in.

Even when a client doesn’t want a crazy look there are still a few minor looks and tweaks that you can make to your image to add so much depth and production value to the image.

Check out my video Insight below to find out more about the grading techniques that employ in these situations.

Another aspect of grading this way is your need to be confident.

When a client has it in their mind that they want it to look very natural they don’t like a colorist to push the image around too much.

While I love and respect that mindset, I always like to try to get the best out of the footage I’m working with.

By using the techniques I detail in my insight below, you should be able to keep everyone happy as we have added lots of separation and depth to the shot by getting the skin tone in the best place possible and then subtracting attention away from other parts of the clip.

I’d love to know your techniques for this scenario also!

– Dan

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  • Great insight! Have this situation a lot recently and I appreciate the numerous approaches you showed.

  • Scott Stacy

    Well done.

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