Migrating PowerBins, PowerGrades, Configs Between Databases

March 9, 2018

Team Mixing Light discusses strategies for moving Resolve PowerGrades, PowerBins & project configurations between databases.


Moving PowerBins, PowerGrades & Configs – Not As Easy As It Should Be

As DaVinci Resolve has matured, it’s become easier to migrate many settings (User Preferences & keyboards for example) from project to project and database to database because of import/export functions.

But, if you rely heavily on PowerGrades – saved stills that work between projects in a database, PowerBins – same idea but for footage, or you’ve built up various project configurations for different combinations of color management, frame size/frame rate settings, etc. things aren’t as easy as they seem like the should be to migrate between databases.

Recently, we got a question from a member named Fabrizio who asked about migrating PowerBins, PowerGrades & Resolve project configurations between databases. To paraphrase Fabrizio’s detailed email:

How can I reload my Power Bins and Power Grade in new databases in a simple way? How can I reload my project configuration from a previous database?

Not surprisingly, these are common questions from a lot of Resolve users.

In this week’s installment of From The Mailbag, Team Mixing Light addresses various workarounds to handle these issues and we concur as a group that hopefully these small annoyances will be addressed in a future version of Resolve.

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Enjoy the Mailbag!

-Team Mixing Light


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