Look Inspiration – Metallic Monochrome

September 21, 2015

Sometimes you need to go hard and contrasty with black and white and Dan shares his experience when building a metallic monochrome look


Fresh off the plane from IBC it’s time to dive right back into some creative looks.

In this insight, we take a look at creating a Metallic style Monochrome grade.

In my personal style, there are two styles of grades when it comes to BW. Soft low contrast black and white that emulates old school 35mm film and then harsh high contrast sharp style.

This is based on the later and is inspired by the Alright video by Kendrick Lamar.

I wasn’t initially a fan of this style as it was way outside my comfort zone but now after trying it out I love the result and will keep it in my toolbox for just the right grade.

Hopefully, it gets your colorist creative juices flowing.

I would love to hear any comments or ideas for future looks!

– Dan

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Homepage Forums Look Inspiration – Metallic Monochrome

  • Marc Wielage

    Very bold look, Dan — good job. Much food for thought here.

  • Very interesting look and strategies to create it. Thanks for sharing! Its like the B&W Mad Max Fury Road version well hopefully see someday

  • andi winter

    thanks! good sky replacement is still a tough job in davinci resolve. it helps to animate
    the sky slightly if you only have a still (pan and tilt a view pixels), and to avoid those glowing
    borders i prefer to take the original horizon and blend my sky replacement on top of it… makes
    it look more real sometimes.

  • Can anyone point me in the right direction of High Quality Sky Stock Footage?

    Thanks so much for doing these look Tutorials Dan, it really makes the membership worth while.

  • Dan Moran

    I’d love to see that too!

  • Dan Moran

    Thank you sir! I felt like this is a look that has been taken to 11. Hyper sharpened, mega contrast and pretty much surreal feeling. It’s the total opposite of how I like to grade normally!

  • Dan Moran

    Great advice. I used to be great at blending back in my Flame days. Haven’t composited anything in around 5 years now though. I must be getting rusty 🙂

  • Dan Moran

    I think there is a lot of timelapse cloud footage out there. I’m pretty sure using something like this and slowing it down could look nice https://vimeo.com/82295259

  • Great work Dan, thank you!!

  • Scott Stacy

    Very nice B&W grunge look! Thanks for creating this insight. I just shot some Kansas 4k raw clouds for sky replacement for an upcoming music video and then found you released this. Perfect timing 🙂

  • pauljohndore

    Terrific work Mr Moran, that was a very informative and useful insight. Your stuff alone is worth the price of membership. I’m very impressed.

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