Handling A Rejected Grade, As A Freelancer

February 27, 2018

Dan Moran recently joined the freelance world. He's curious how Pat and Robbie handle a client who rejects a grade - fix it or charge more?


From The Mailbag Episode 46: As A Freelancer, How Do You Handle A Client Who Doesn’t Like Your Grade?

In this week’s installment of From The Mailbag, we don’t answer a question from a Mixing Light member, but our own Dan Moran who recently left his job at a large facility to join the wild world of being a freelance colorist!

If you are a long-time freelancer, you probably remember the growing pains of billing, client relations, and handling tough creative situations. Dan is just starting this journey, so any advice you have for him in addition to what Patrick & Robbie offer in this episode, will undoubtedly be appreciated by Dan!

Recently, while discussing other Team Mixing Light business on Slack, Dan asked Patrick and Robbie:

‘I did a freelance job at a post house yesterday doing a fashion spot. The client doesn’t like it and they want me to work on it again for free as the client won’t pay more, should I do that?  How would you guys handle it?’

That’s a tough one!  But one that nearly every freelance artist has faced in one form or another in their professional lives.  In this Episode, we dive deep providing Dan some advice.

Got a question or something you’d like Team Mixing Light to discuss?

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Enjoy the Mailbag!

-Team Mixing Light

Show Notes:  In this episode, Robbie mentions an approval form that he uses to have clients approve a grade prior to leaving the suite. You can find that form HERE.


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