Remote Grading Via Skype

October 8, 2016

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When Your Director Is 6000 Miles Away

In this Insight I’d like to share an experience I had this week. I had a room full of clients in London but the director was in Cape Town, South Africa.

He’s a very good friend of mine and as we were grading I felt like the clients were taking the grade in a direction that he hadn’t intended.

I was trying to include him in all the discussions and eventually stumbled across a way of him joining in via Skype.

Before you all shout at me and say that I’ve lost my marbles I know this is not a great way of working but I’ll explain all the caveats I had put in place before we started working this way below!

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4 thoughts on “Remote Grading Via Skype”

  1. Hi Dan! I always appreciate your posts. I am also looking in to a similar solution for this but I was thinking of running the software version of
    The clients can then view the stream via there app in 15MBits or lower or via youtube just make a private channel I was told. And you can just use a cell phone or Skype for conversations but I believe the stream to be much clearer than skype. If you use there Rack hardware version you get 10bit but software only 8bit and both with 422 color space.
    For HD stream a UltraStudio Mini Recorder would be sufficient.

    You would need the
    service about $99 a month. And that includes the encoder software.

    Does it create any problems using scope box and Skype streaming at the same time?

    1. Hey Martin –

      I use a streambox solution for remote sessions. It’s pretty awesome! In my machine room I have a 9300 rackmount box which has benefits as you mentioned. For key clients we simply purchase a copy of stream box player pro – which allows output to a calibrated monitor. Otherwise we simply ask them to download the standard version (desktop viewing only) which works pretty well if they have a good screen.

    1. Hey Peter, Just re-read my article and realised I only half explained the fact that you need two computers for this to work.

      I have a UltraStudio 4k plugged into an iMac for ScopeBox and it was on this machine that I was able to get skype going. My resolve is a totally different machine with a separate decklink card outputting SDI.

      I’ll edit this article now to make it more clear!


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