Lucy Rose

From The Grading Room – Grading Lucy Rose

June 21, 2017

Dan shares the behind the scenes thoughts that go into such a stylised 70s era music video for Lucy Rose. 80% in camera and 20% in the grade


Planning Ahead In Action

In this insight we take a look at a project I recently graded for Lucy Rose that aimed for a 60s/70s studio feel.

I was once again collaborating with the amazing Stephen Murphy who you should all follow on twitter or Instagram for some great behind the scenes information.

Even though this would be considered a highly stylised project the grade was surprisingly straight forward and simple.

I probably spent 2-3 hours on the grade with Stephen sitting at my side.

The main story here is that due to his careful planning and execution almost everything was achieved in camera. I would argue that 80% of projects that look this good and genuine are achieved this way.

Here are some of the things we cover:

  • Film Stock Selection
  • Exposure Choice
  • Film Processing Option
  • In Camera Filtering
  • Creative Lighting
  • Lens Choice
  • The Grade

Have a look at the finished promo below


No Good At All – Lucy Rose from Dusthouse on Vimeo.

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6 thoughts on “From The Grading Room – Grading Lucy Rose”

  1. Kodak 5219/7219 came out about ten years ago, and it was basically the last of the Vision 3 stocks. I think it’s the best negative film in the world — it’s hard to screw that up (either in exposure or grading). Absolutely beautiful stuff. The difference between it and the old stocks that came before it are very noticeable.

  2. Hi Dan,

    Just to let you know that I just received American Cinematographer, September issue, page 26, where an article of Lucy Rose music video appears under the Short Takes column. Your name appear there as the Colorist. Indeed, it’s an interesting reading.

    Kodak Cinema Tools app has some spectacular sample footage of the 5219/7219 negatives, among others, with the cinematographers making in depth commentaries about the quality of each negative and in-camera exposure.
    Also, here is a direct link:

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