From The Grading Room – Behind The Looks of 2016 UK Best Nominated Commercials

November 5, 2016

First, explore the list of the UK's 2016 Best Nominated Commerials - then ask a professional colorist to breakdown how they achieved their Looks.


Behind the techniques and styles of the Best Nominated Commercials for 2016 in the UK!

I thought this is the perfect time to try a two part insight on the topic of Look Creation. What’s the reasoning behind this you ask?

I want to know what questions you have?

I know exactly what I admire about the commercials, but I’m sure you all have many many questions.

Ask Me Anything!

If you haven’t seen the list and my initial thoughts on my favourites check out my last insight here! I’ll do my best to cover as many different topics as possible in the upcoming video insight.

When Should You Expect Part Two?

I think it’s best to give people a couple of days to get their questions in so I’ll record and immediately release part two on Monday night. If nobody has any questions, one day I’ll just record my ideas on how to replicate those looks but I thought it would be much more fun if we all got involved.

Looking forward to hearing your questions!


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