Emulation Gone Wrong

What Not To Do When A Client Asks For A New Direction

January 11, 2018

Dan shares a tale from the grading room of a film emulation gone wrong and how by missing the mistake was destined to fail in the grade with his clients.

Day 11: 24 Insights in 24 Days 2018 New Year Marathon

How to #fail properly

In this insight we take a look at film emulation gone wrong on project I recently graded in which I used some LUTs and when the client asked for a “more modern” grade I stubbornly built upon this instead of starting again.

Myself and the DOP got quite exicted about a project where we thought we could dive into rich kodachrome vibes.

We spent easily haf a day perfecting our grade and of course the client hated it!

I made a huge rookie mistake at this point. I dived into fixing it and making it look more “modern” by throwing more nodes on top.

I really should have started again and as it’s much easier to show in the form of video check out the insight below I’ll show you why!

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Homepage Forums What Not To Do When A Client Asks For A New Direction

  • Ron Illingworth

    Dan, interesting stuff.

    How would you define a “modern” look?

  • Dan Moran

    I guess for me modern = digital. Sharp, bright, natural contrast, no grain, embrasing the full natural look of the camera. We spend a lot of time in video trying to add those nostalgic analog accidents we grew up with back into the image.

  • Ron Illingworth

    Makes perfect sense, thanks.

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