Showreel 2016 – Showcasing Your Creative Range To Win Clients

October 10, 2016

Are you showcasing your range of looks and grades with your showreel? Dan breaks down his latest reel and explains his approach.

Are you showing too many similar looks?

In this Insight, we take a look at ensuring your showreel is showcasing your range and looks and work instead of just your favourite jobs.

Your Reel Is Your Resume

I was recently completing my summer 2016 showreel and send it off to a few fellow colourists to get some pointers on tweaking it and their feedback was quite surprising.

All of their feedback mentioned that my images and grades looked great but many of them said there was a lot of heavily styled film style grades.

One even went as far as to say that it had a slight “one-trick pony” feel to it.

I lost sight of the final goal of a showreel.

To Win Jobs!

A good showreel should be a mix of clean looks, warm looks, grungy looks, cool looks, beauty looks, food looks, aggressive looks, sport looks and so on so forth!

The old saying goes that you need to have a car commercial on your showreel to win a car commercial in the first place.

Let’s jump over to my video insight where I show a breakdown of my reel and why it consists of the shots and looks I have put in.

If you’ve got any questions, be sure to leave a comment!


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Homepage Forums Showreel 2016 – Showcasing Your Creative Range To Win Clients

  • VitusSoska

    I had success with a different kind of showreel, it’s more a step-by-step guide then a classic reel. but have a look, it brought me a lot of jobs:

    My approach was not only to show some nice looking pictures, but catch the viewer emotionally with some kind of a story and music that supports the mood of the pictures.
    I don’t know if I’ll use the “before-after”-effect on future reels, but at this level of my carreer it worked pretty well to show how I handle the images.

  • Patrick Inhofer

    IME, Breakdown Reels are terrific if your potential client is unsure about the value of color grading (or what color grading entails). When you get to the level of Dan’s clients (ad agency, music video), those clients don’t need to be convinced that color grading is worth the expense… they need to be convinced you’ve got the skills. For them, breakdowns are an annoyance and so going with a more traditional demo reel like Dan showed in this Insight is more appropriate for them.

    Often colorists (like editors) will build genre-specific reels and send out those reels when bidding for a project in that genre… a food reel, beauty reel, filmic reel, music video reel – and yes, breakdown reel.

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