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Look Inspiration – Colorized Film Look

December 21, 2015

Dan shares his look and drx files for a Colorized Film Look

Day 21: 25 Insights in 25 Days Holiday Marathon

Back again with a new look to share with you guys!

This look has evolved from trying many different things that are all combined to make a pretty nice look!

I was trying to create a soft painterly look with diffused highlights and naturally drifted towards a colorized film look.

I’ve included my DRX files below for you to try at home.

We will be taking this footage from here :


To Here



To load up my looks you will need two things.

Firstly the footage which has been so kindly supplied by Mixing Light member Kraig Winterbottom. You can see his work here.

Click HERE to download his amazing footage. Update 2023: This download link is no longer available. If we are able to get a new link, we will post an update in the comments. Be sure to subscribe to the comments for this Insight if you want to be alerted of any updates.


You will also need to grab the free Gorilla Grain sample here and have that in your media pool.

The grain choice is not important so please feel free to use your preferred grain

DRX Look Files

If you are a Premium member, download my node graphs (in the Downloads section). I have exported various stages of the grade from start to finish so you can try them all out.

Now that you have everything check out my video below and get grading!



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Homepage Forums Look Inspiration – Colorized Film Look

  • Notice you haven’t really used the clean black/white qualifier adjustments in your resolve 12 insights. Any reason?

  • Have you tried out the luts from
    A few of the luts have a hyper real skin tone and teal look to them.
    I tend to set the output key to like 15% to tone them down.
    Here is a web based preview tool where you can drag a jpeg on it to preview it.

  • LMAO! Those guys stole a “before” (ungraded) pictures from my website that is not public domain, cropped out my watermark and credits, and applied their LUT as an example. Hmmmm….

  • Dan Moran

    Wow man! That is pretty lame. You should speak to them for sure! I know Robbie has a little trouble with people using his imagery online without permission too.

  • Sent them an email. Now I know why many dont even post ungraded stills, even watermarked (rolls eyes).

    On a more positive note, love this look breakdown! Sorta hit my “super saturated” request in a way I wasnt even thinking about with the added diffusion glow. Thanks!

  • Dan Moran

    I know it’s not quite the super saturated look. I ended up recording this insight 4 times all with slightly different looks as I wasn’t 100% happy with any of them. It’s funny how we get colorist block sometimes and your eyes just don’t like anything they see!

  • Its sounds like quite the journey, but as you put it quite well, thats real world grading.

  • thanks again Dan. Great stuff to play with around the hollidays

  • AlexBlank

    This seems to happen allot with me, Specifically when working with Black magic footage. For some reason the skin tones on black magic footage are always too red / magenta and never look good when lined up with the skin tone indication line. Great insight btw

  • Marc Wielage

    That’s horrific, Jason. Sue the bastids!

  • Where do you usually get your emulsion LUTs? Also, the film grain is really great. Is this typically a grain that you use ?or only for demo purposes? Thanks!

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