Clients Unhappy With Your Downstream SDR Tone Mapped Color Grade?

April 23, 2019

High Dynamic Range color grading is challenging. Listen as we discuss a question about HDR > SDR tone mapping and how to handle expectations?


From The MailBag Episode 68

HDR TO SDR Tone Mapping – Keeping Clients Happy

One day, we might live in an HDR world where all displays can do the full range of brightness that is part of current standards. But the fact is, right now, there are HDR displays of varying brightness and color volume, and SDR -BT.709 displays are the universal standard.

This week we got a question from Mixing Light member Will who asks:

Hey Mixing Light, What’s up?  I’m a Chicago based finishing artist and the place I work has a Dolby license for trim controls in Resolve.  I’ve felt like I have had a good mastery of these controls, but recently several clients in a row weren’t happy the results of the SDR trim I made – and I kind of see their points.  Any suggestions? Help!


Will – your timing couldn’t really be any better. This subject of Dolby Vision tone mapping and specifically to the 100 NIT REC 709 target has been on our minds recently given some recent hiccups I had with a project. Dolby Vision was also the subject of much discussion at NAB 2019 in various pockets of colorist gatherings.

In this installment of From The Mailbag, we discuss the question of SDR tone mapping and ponder a few related issues.

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