Saving The Day With Input Sizing in DaVinci Resolve

Saving The Day With Input Sizing in DaVinci Resolve

January 24, 2017

If you're having trouble with you sizing in Premiere Pro not being replicated in DaVinci Resolve, the Input Sizing control may be your hero.

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Saving the Day with Input Sizing in DaVinci Resolve

Premiere Pro Detective, Part 4: Reconforming ‘In The Shadow Of Giants’ with What We’ve Learned

We are closing out this Premiere Pro Detective series by revisiting a short film from another series, ‘Conforming Giants‘. In that series, I ran into a ton of problems with resizes of 2.5K and larger images not properly importing in DaVinci Resolve. I didn’t follow the rules outlined in this series and wasted a ton of time.

Let’s go back to that project, and re-do it with what we now know

In the process, I’ll show you a very handy trick using DaVinci Resolve’s ‘Input Sizing’ to help you handle tricky conforms. This Insight features me only apply this tip to one set of images, the 5k clips. But you want to repeat this tip for each of the oversized frame formats since each of them will require a different Input Scaling number.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and found it useful.

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