Resolve 17 Big Little Features: Part 2 – The Edit Page

December 14, 2020

Small features can make a huge difference to your workflow! Learn new edit page features to speed up and improve your workflow in Resolve 17.


Even More “Big Little Features”

If you watched Part 1 of this series, you know that I’m a fan of the smaller, simpler features in Resolve 17. The kind of feature or improvement that is easy to miss in the long release notes, and doesn’t get big headlines. The flashy big stuff is cool – but often times it’s the little things that add up to saved time, more efficient workflow, and less stressful sessions!

So in this Insight – I’m going to focus on user interface improvements and new features on the edit page. Even if you are exclusively a colorist, there’s no avoiding the edit page for checking/adjusting conforms, prepping sessions, making deliverables, and fixing problems. I think these updates will make life easier both for editors/finishers – and colorists as well.

This time around – I’ll be walking you through:

  • Improved timecode entry/navigation
  • More flexible track sizing
  • Better timeline management
  • Marker/audio portability to Fusion
  • In-context scene cut detection
  • 3:2 pull-down removal
  • Database-wide smart bins
  • Render and replace

I know it sounds like a lot – but these things are easy to pick up, and will definitely save you time day to day.

As always, leave any comments or questions below



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Homepage Forums Resolve 17 Big Little Features: Part 2 – The Edit Page

  • Evan A

    As always, nice job!

  • Joey D’Anna

    Thanks so much Evan!

  • andi winter

    thx joey! nice summary! is there anything new on the subtitle front as well?

  • Joey D’Anna

    Thanks! Subtitling remains pretty much unchanged I believe. BUT on the text tools – you can now get a live preview as you go through fonts – which i know was a big ask for a lot of people.

  • dave b

    hey joey! thanks for the rundown. i am not seeing see the timeline disable option after selecting timelines & right click.
    any thoughts? it is driving me nuts…

  • dave b

    i kept digging – seems the disable timeline function is not available if “use timeline bins” is selected in the project settings/general options page. i have always used “use timeline bins” to keep my timelines from running amok… could this be a bug? seems timelines disable should be available either way!

  • Jose Santos

    The render in place is really cool!! You could denoise everything in the edit page. Render it all and not have to worry about it!! Or apply grain or any other thing! Awesome!!

  • Joey D’Anna

    I did do some testing on doing it with multiple clips and it seems to still be a bit wonky – but its a beta, wonky is what its here for!

  • Jamie Dickinson

    Another really useful Insight! I had no idea about this new t/c entry. (Not sure why the = isn’t working on my test machine, I’ll check on the PC later!).
    Btw, is your UI in the default ‘not grey’ (blue-ish)? That’s the first thing I change in the Prefs!

  • Carey D

    Thanks for this Joey. Really good stuff. The TC entry with “equals” first will require some modification to my muscle memory in this oft-used function but your assessment of the benefits of doing this is the same as mine. The track height and thumbnail options are niceties too.

    Render in place is something I’ve gotten used to in Adobe workflows so glad to have it here as well. Aside on that. I use it heavily in Adobe CC on certain projects that have a heavily dynamic-link workflow between PP and AE. If I had Fusion chops like I have AE chops (user since CoSa v1) , maybe I could knock these out all in Resolve. Maybe LOL.

  • Carey D

    Timeline disable options: Like most users I tend to use a combination of “Live Save” and “Auto Save” with backups under typical grading workflows. When projects get large (and versioned timelines play a big role in that), Auto-saves become painfully slow. The fact that they are writing to a 10Gbe-connected database doesn’t really seem to affect save speed. Just wondering if disabling timelines impacts the speed of these auto saves to any benefit or is the benefit just on the project loading times?

  • Joey D’Anna

    i havent deeply tested it – but i would assume it does help. it definitely seems to help on loads. i honestly dont usually have autosave turned on, i manually export DRPs to a cloud synced folder at regular intervals.

  • Alastair

    i’m late to the party and just playing catch-up! coming from smoke, i always longed for an equivalent of the “hard commit” that exists in smoke and flame. with the ability to decomp back to source, render in place is hard commit on steroids!

    also, lots of the “new” timecode stuff that you mentioned definitely existed in previous versions of resolve! coming from various avid software, using “.” as a shortcut for 00 is hard-wired second nature to me, and i can’t remember a time that *hasn’t* also worked in resolve? same as assumed fields to the left: i’m still in 16.2.8 and just typed “02.” and it took me to 01:00:02:00 as expected? it’s relative to your existing position in the timeline, so if you’re in a feature and sitting at 02:XX:XX:XX, “02.” would take me to 02:00:02:00.

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