Resolve 17 Big Little Features Part 1 – The Color Page

December 1, 2020

Sometimes, it's the small features making a huge difference! Learn new color page tools to speed up and improve your workflow in Resolve 17.


Sometimes, The Little Things Can Be Huge

It’s been a few weeks since Blackmagic released the Resolve 17 Beta 1, and as I’m sure everyone in the post production world has been doing – we have been putting it through its paces. Testing it, figuring out new workflows, experimenting with new tools.

Big features like RCM v2 have me rethinking my grading workflow. I’m experimenting with different color management setups, new node structures, and how to best use these big new features to improve my work.

But with all of the headline-grabbing major features, Resolve 17 also includes a ton of simple, seemingly small improvements that add up to major day to day improvements for colorists and finishers.

Part 1: Color Page Time Savers

In this Insight – I’ll walk you through the new features on the Resolve 17 color page that I think add up to the biggest day to day improvements for colorists. Unlike the headline tools – these features won’t require any rethinking of your current workflow or learning new techniques. There will be plenty of time for that – but for the working colorist, these features can be used right now to save you time every day.

I plan on making this an on-going series, highlighting small things that are easy to miss, that make a big difference in efficiency.

Leave me any comments or questions below, and let us know what parts of Resolve 17 you want us to focus on in future Insights.



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Homepage Forums Resolve 17 Big Little Features Part 1 – The Color Page

  • Luca Enrico Canessa

    As usual really great and informative tutorial, and nice T-shirt!

  • Robert A

    A caveat on your node renumbering workaround: when you added an input to your parallel mixer (at 15:12) it renumbered all of the subsequent nodes 🙁

  • Jamie Dickinson

    Great Insight – thank you!
    Another little thing than could be a big thing could be the 3rd party encoder plugins – does this now mean you can encode AS-11 for broadcast (UK) directly in Resolve?

  • Joey D’Anna

    Ah wow thanks for flagging!
    Sorry about that – looks like a not so great screen-recording edit on my part that I didnt catch!
    Good news is – the workaround does work. The renumber you saw we just an edit error from me 🙂

  • Derek H

    That fast review function is going to be a pretty big time saver for me! Thanks for the insight

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