Mixing Light Color Correction Podcast Series

Photochemical Color Timing & The Role Of The Cinematographer In A Grade

April 25, 2014

What is photochemical color timing? What is the role of the cinematographer while color correcting? Learn what three colorists think.


Episode 10: From the Mailbag

The Photochemical Method Of Color Timing?
What Role Does A Cinematographer Play In A Grade?

Its been a few weeks since our last Episode Of From The MailBag, and you, our members have been busy asking a ton of great questions!  Keep it up!

Team Mixing Light has just recorded a ton of great Mailbag episodes, and this week we get started with a couple questions from Josh Birch.

Josh wrote us because he’s a pursuing a color related degree is currently writing his thesis!  Josh – we’re honored that you asked us to be a resource for you questions.

In this episode, and in some episodes in the future we’ll be answering some of Josh’s questions.

Remember, if you have questions that you’d like to get an opinion on please use the contact form. Your questions can be aesthetic, technical or even client related. We’d love to hear from you, and your question might make future episodes of From the Mailbag.

As is usual, we’ll be covering two different questions/topics in this episode.

Does The Photochemical Process Of Color Timing Still Exist? Or Is All Grading Digital?
The first question we got from Josh was an interesting one.  He asks about color timing and the photochemical process and if it still happens.

We discuss this for a bit and then turn our attention to the Pros and Cons of color timing vs modern digital color grading.

What role Does A Cinematographer Play In A Grade?
Next up, we discuss another one of Josh’s questions. This time he asks about a rather delicate issue for a lot of colorists – what role does a DP or Cinematographer play in guiding a grade or making grading decisions when working with a colorist.

We breakdown the different ways that most colorists work with DPs and Cinematographers and give some advice on how to get DPs and Cinematographers to respect you more as a colorist.

– Team Mixing Light


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