New Year Marathon & Mixing Light 2.0

January 1, 2017

We discuss our Insights Marathon moving to January and what to expect. Plus, we reveal plans for the next iteration of our website!

Day 1: 25 Insights in 25 Days New Year Marathon

Episode 33: From The Mailbag

Insights Marathon Moves To January & A New Version Of Our Site Is Coming!

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2017!

2016 was a banner year for Mixing Light and we’re beyond excited for 2017 with all of the amazing things we have planned.

Actually, this installment of ‘From The Mailbag’ is more about announcing some of those plans than answering member questions.

If you’ve been a long time Mixing Light member, you may have noticed that we didn’t run our annual Holiday Marathon – 25 Insights in 25 days throughout December.

So in Part 1 we explore why we didn’t do this, how the marathon is now going to be in January and what Pat, Dan and Robbie will cover throughout the next 25 days.

The Marathon has been a big hit with members over the past 4 years, so if you’re new to Mixing Light be sure to check it out.

Also in this installment, we’re proud to announce that we’re working feverishly on Mixing Light 2.0!  Over the past 4 years, our website has been functional, but there have been plenty of things that have been annoying and sometimes absolutely frustrating.

With Mixing Light 2.0, our goal is to drastically improve overall user experience – searching, design, and flow of the website.

In part 2 we discuss some of the areas we’re focusing on improving, and reveal a couple of the new features of the site that we’re really excited about!

Of course, regular Mailbag episodes are supposed to be about your questions!

Remember, if you have questions that you’d like to get an opinion on please use the contact form.

Your questions can be aesthetic, technical or even client related. We’d love to hear from you, and your question might make future episodes of From The MailBag.

The 2017 New Year Insights Marathon

Four years ago when the calendar flipped over to December, Team Mixing Light decided it’d be a great idea to quickly fill the library by doing 20 Insights in 20 days.

The following year we decided to up the ante and do 25 Insights in 25 days and for the next couple years, we stuck with that formula.

The marathon allows us to deliver nearly an entire month of Insights (1 per day over 25 days), which gets each of us in the flow with areas that we want to explore, but also deliver to you, our members, a huge swath of content that you can dive through all month and in the following weeks past the marathon.

This year, mainly due to some heavy international travel by the entire team, and because each of us really wanted to enjoy the holiday season we decided to postpone the marathon until January.

Our hope is by that scheduling the marathon for January you’ll also have some more time to enjoy the daily posts.

In part 1 of this Mailbag, we discuss the move to January, and each of us discusses what Insights we have planned for the marathon.

MixingLight 2.0

It’s a huge understatement to say that we’re excited about the next version of our website!

For the past four years, has been functional, but as we’ve grown, added more content, more products and more members, our frustrations with the site behind the scenes and our members’ sometimes frustrating issues with the site have continued to grow.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been hard at work on MixingLight 2.0!

Working with a crack team of designers and developers for the past month, we’ve been in development of the next version of our website, which we’re positive will make finding & consuming our content easier and more enjoyable.

But more than that, we’re aiming to drastically improve the entire overall user experience, from logging-in to navigating to different products and even more mundane tasks like getting a receipt for a recent payment.

We have been listening to your feedback!

In part 2, we’ll tackle some of the bigger problems we’ll be addressing, some new features & products we’ll be rolling out and we’ll share the timeline for the rollout of Mixing Light 2.0

Even though we didn’t address member questions in this installment of ‘From The Mailbag’, remember you can use the comments below if you have more to add to the conversation or have other questions. 

-Team Mixing Light

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