Good Grades: Documentary Masterclass with Evan Anthony

January 27, 2021

In this installment of Good Grades we sit down with renowned documentary colorist Evan Anthony and talk about his start, work and more!


Good Grades Episode 2: Evan Anthony, CSI

Welcome to another episode of Good Grades!

I received a lot of great feedback from our first episode, and I’m very excited to share this next one.

Today, we’re speaking with Evan Anthony, CSI at Goldcrest Post NY. Evan is a Sr. Colorist with over 20 years of experience as a documentary colorist. This episode is entirely centered around documentary color grading and filmmaking. My favorite part was breaking down Evan’s Dolby Vision HDR work for the documentary series On Pointe for Disney+.

In this installment we discuss:

  • Evan’s origin story and climb up the ladder as a New York colorist
  • Working at Goldcrest Post NY
  • The evolution of modern documentaries
  • The impact of affordable technology on documentary filmmaking and finishing
  • Talking about the work of Ken Burns, Alex Gibney, and Roger Sherman
  • Grading On Pointe in Dolby Vision HDR for Disney+
  • Using HDR as a storytelling tool for documentaries
  • The day-to-day life of a documentary colorist
  • Working remote during the pandemic
  • Advice for new colorists working in non-fiction content
  • Time management for colorists
  • The new generation of looks for documentaries
  • The importance of film festivals for documentaries (and for colorists)
  • Evan’s ‘Professor’s advice’ (He used to teach at NYU!)

Here’s a small collage of Evan’s documentary portfolio (…it’s a lot). For more info on Evan’s credits, check out his website.

Evan’s work spans documentaries for HBO, Disney+, and Netlfix. Many of the films he’s worked on have had wide theatrical releases.

Evan has been working at Goldcrest Post NY for a few years and is now a full-time Sr. Colorist. To this day, it’s the only DI suite I’ve ever seen with a fireplace!

The fireplace is awesome, but using it during a session might affect the color temperature of the room.

We spend a nice amount of time dissecting Evan’s latest work. On Pointe for Disney+. This was Evan’s first time working in the Dolby Vision HDR format.

Fire up your LG OLED and take a look at this gorgeous doc series.

Thanks for watching, listening, and exploring. See you next time! Let me know who we should interview soon in the comments : )



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