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  • Color Management
  • Editorial
What I Do
  • Corporate Communication

Neil is like many Mixing Light contributors: He’s fascinated, if not obsessed, with color and tonality. In his studio photographer days, he routinely “abused” the pro lab printers due to his insistence on precise color and tonal results. After being dis-invited as a business customer by several labs, he created his lab to prepare his images for his precise needs. (And yes, what he demanded was possible!)

After the transition to digital imaging, Neil shifted into video post production, including a deep dive into Adobe’s SpeedGrade app. From his visits to NAB and other things, he was abducted into the Mixing Light gang for staffing at Mixers and other duties, eventually becoming a contributing author specializing in Premiere workflows and color management.

Neil works with media from BRAW through all major log formats and tests workflows for the sheer joy of it. Whether in Premiere or Resolve, or even … AfterEffects. He has both the Tangent Elements and Ripple panels and works with the Tangent staff on using their panels in Premiere and other apps. In Premiere, Neil likes pointing out that the Tangent panels can even be mapped for audio and graphics work. He is also a founder of Creativity-Hive for budding video post workers.

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