Mixing Light Color Correction Podcast Series

New SpeedGrade CC Courses + Working With A DP + Video Displays

September 4, 2013

Podcast: Learn about a new training title for SpeedGrade CC + How to work with a DP in a color correction session + Choosing video displays for grading.


Episode 3: From the Mailbag

It’s been a busy summer and we’re glad that the cooler temps of fall are (hopefully) around the corner – especially since we as colorists enjoy the freezing temps of the grading suite! Remember, if you have questions that you’d like to get an opinion on please use the contact form. Your questions can be aesthetic, technical or even client related. We’d love to hear from you!

In this episode, we have three different segments:

First up, we’re super excited that we’ve launched a new training series called Insights Training! Our first title in the series is on Adobe SpeedGrade CC. Clocking in at nearly 4.5 hours and authored by our own Patrick Inhofer, this title is one of the best ways to quickly get up to speed (pun intended) with SpeedGrade CC. Pat, Robbie and Dan discuss what the title is all about, who it’s for and what you can expect from purchasing the title.

Next, we got a great question about working with a DP (or DOP depending on where you’re from!) in a supervised session. We’ll discuss how to work with a DP and help them achieve their creative vision, how to manage a DP when accompanied with other team members like producers and directors and different strategies for when a DP doesn’t want to change anything about a shot or wants to go off the deep end.

Finally, we’ll wrap up with a question we got about how to make good monitoring decisions and what to buy when you’re trying to go after a new type of client that is expecting a certain type of monitoring.


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  • Razvan

    Hey guys,

    I know it’s an old thread, but I guess it’s the best place to ask you for some advice.

    I grade with Resolve and a Decklink Studio card. My reference monitor is an FSI connected via HD-SDI.

    I’m doing a lot of client presentations, so I’m thinking about buying a Panasonic plasma. My financials are not very good, so I thought about the 42-GT60.

    I don’t have any SDI to HDMI box, so I’ll connect the plasma directly via HDMI.

    So here’s my question – do you know what kind of signal goes through that path? Is the HDMI output from the Deckink RGB or legal range? And what kind of signal does the plasma expect?

    I’m hoping that I can leave the DaVinci monitoring settings set to “Video/legal range”, so that I can use the FSI and the palsma at the same time. I hope you know where I’m getting…

    I know that it’s not the professional way to do it without something like an HD-Link, but maybe someone bumped into this.


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