Tips & Tricks for Time Remapping in DaVinci Resolve 9 & 10

Tips & Tricks for Time Remapping in DaVinci Resolve 9 & 10

September 5, 2013

Dealing with Time Warps in a color correction workflow is difficult to manage. I found a workflow, saving time and money for you and your clients!

Dealing with Time Warps in a color correction workflow can be quite difficult to manage. I work mainly in the world of music videos and commercials so you can imagine there is quite a few speed changes I need to deal with on a daily basis! In this insight I share my tips and workflow in this situation and offer some positive news for Resolve users about Resolve 10 from when I was demoing at NAB! My suggestions may be difficult to implement at first but I found its the best workflow for saving time and money for both you and your clients!

– Dan

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Homepage Forums Tips & Tricks for Time Remapping in DaVinci Resolve 9 & 10

  • Great video Dan, thank you!

    A lot of times edit are coming from fcp7 still and so the editor is using a transcode and unable to bake in the speed effect along with RedLog as I would want. I get constant speed changes all the time from fcp xml’s on RED jobs and they seem to come and then render out fine so I just want to make sure I am not missing something here? The time remaps you are talking about are they variable speed changes or something special beyond just a constant speed increase? With R10 out today I am sure this all changes but this leaves me wondering why i never got any complaints about my renders going back into fcp with xml roundtrip? The same applies with aaf – curious what does and does not come thru moving ahead into R10.

  • Dan Moran

    Hey Man! Normally for me its issues with something like twixtor which does a great job of slowing something down by 50% then when it comes to me conforming it in Resolve their 50% timewarp suddenly looks like steppy ass! I think you didn’t get any issues as you were round tripping back to FCP where I normally render out a flat prores at the end of the grade so my speed changes became the final ones etc.. The new motion flow speed changes in Resolve are awesome!! Means we don’t need to worry about this anymore hopefully!

  • Anyway u can fix the download link?

  • Dan Moran

    Hey Jason! This is fixed now. Sorry about that!


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