From TheGrading Room - Radiohead

From The Grading Room – Radiohead

August 27, 2016

Dan shares his story from the grading room on grading a short promo project for radiohead


Grading For Two Iconic Clients

In this Insight, I’m proud to share a tale from the grading room on a project I graded recently.

This project was very special to me for two reasons. Firstly it was a short music promo piece for Radiohead, in my opinion, one of the most insanely talented bands in the world. Secondly, the director was Yorgos Lanthimos, the director of The Lobster, a hugely successful feature film, and one of my personal favourites.

My love for the lobster may be slightly biased as it’s set in Ireland, my home country. I can relate to the difficulties the colourist would have faced when grading it. Those overcast skies can be tricky and a challenge I’ve faced hundreds of times before!

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9 thoughts on “From The Grading Room – Radiohead”

      1. Sorry guys I totally missed this! Yeah the sandwich was removed and it was pretty dam difficult to do it in a photo real way. The director wasn’t happy with the takes where he mimed and shot him eating a real one which was painted out in post.

        I live in Dalston but that might have been me! If you are ever around soho we should grab a beer!

  1. wow… radiohead… wow Yorgos Lanthimos… i envy you!
    did you also try to make it more neutral? or did you exaggerate the green tint?
    and why is the neon warm? was it a decision? thanks for the insight!

  2. Hello People! I’m a new guy here – I become a member just a few minutes ago. I wanted to say “Hi” to all of you and I think this topic is quite good to do that because I was privileged to grade another vignette from this series for Radiohead. The process with a filme I graded wasn’t that sophisticated but still it was really a pleasure. Cheers. Szymon

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