Basic Cleanup

Image Cleanup In Resolve – Rotoscoping, Cloning, and Repeated Frames

December 6, 2017

Being able to offer Basic Cleanup in the grade is a great ability. It saves moving to and from a compositing application and helps finish off that job.


A Look Inside A Real Project From Quoting To Delivery

In this insight we are going to take a look at doing some basic cleanup work and how useful it can be in a color grading session. Cleanup is essentially on every single job I do these days so I feel like the skillset is going to become more and more useful as time goes on.

The Cleanup

I’m actually opposed to doing this myself as I feel that the more services I offer the less time I get for doing the thing I actually love. Grading!

That said on this job I agreed to do some extra basic vfx and clean up work for some more money.

I think the same rule applies to this insight as the previous one.

The camera never moves so we have such an easy time making these adjustments via windows painting etc… If the camera was moving it would have been a point-blank refusal from me on doing the work.

In this Insight we are going to look at

  • Freezing Part Of The Image Using It To Paint Out Issues
  • Using Handles and Repeated Frames To Hide Issues
  • Rotoscoping To Help Achieve The Gag Of The Film
  • Cloning out issues in the Image

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