Behind The Curtain

Inside the Color Grade Of A Furniture Brand – Series Overview

November 14, 2017

In a new series Dan shares a look behind the curtain at a real world grading project. From quoting to delivery he dives deep on his process.

Part 1: Introduction and Overview of the series

A Look Inside A Real Project From Quoting To Delivery

I’ve had many many requests from members to do an insight series that covers everything behind the curtain in real-world detail.

I’ve always worried that hours and hours of insights on one topic might be mind-numbing for people to watch but after enough arm twisting, I’ve decided to give it a go.

In this insight, I’ll do an overview of what this real-world project involved from step one. I’ll also be doing longer insights in this series to ensure I cover each section in great detail.

Member feedback is incredibly important when developing new series ideas so please do let me know how I’m getting on in the comments.

The Project

The project is 10×10 second commercials for a large Swedish furniture brand.

Shot on a Canon 1D with the Dragonframe software which is used for shooting stop motion projects.

It gives us cr2 files that are raw and have a huge latitude.

It initially was just a conform, grade and renders but the project grew larger as more factors were added in.

Some basic VFX, cleanup, laying the final audio, a whole lot of titling and final delivery of 60 versions.

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