Deep Dive Into A Complex And Fast Fusion Fuse Effect For The Edit Page

March 4, 2023

Igor Ridanovic shows how to write a reasonably complex Fuse, and save it as a Fusion Macro to access it in Resolve's Edit Page Effects panel.


Part 2: Breaking down the Fun Histogram Fuse

Make sure to first watch A Deep Dive Into Creating Fuse Effects for DaVinci Resolve Part 1 as this Insight builds upon everything we learned there.

Welcome Back

In Part 1 we learned some of the basic building blocks of Fusion Fuses, we learned how to install Fuses, and we discussed when Fuses are the right tool for the job, and when it’s simpler to rely on Fusion Expressions and Macros.

In this part we write our third and final Fuse. This Fuse, called Fun Histogram, is an interactive animated overlay. It reads RGB values in the image and renders stylish moving bars on top of the source video.

This plugin goes beyond the capabilities of Expressions and Macros. The speed of the effect processing and the clean user interface rival OFX plugins, yet this Fuse is fast to create and easy to modify.

Is Typing is Not Your Thing?

Premium Mixing Light members can download the Fun Histogram Fuse so you can experiment with the code, deconstruct it, and otherwise perform your mayhem with it, gaining a deeper understanding of the code.

Key Takeaways from this Insight

By the end of this Insight you should learn:

  • How to create a complex Fuse effect
  • How to use Fuses directly on the Resolve Edit page

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Did these two insights get you curious about Fuses? Do you have any of your own Fuses to share with the community? I’d love to hear from you!

– Igor

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