Better Blurring In Davinci Resolve: Part 1

July 30, 2020

In this Insight, Joey D'Anna shows you how to take simple blurs to the next level on the DaVinci Resolve Color Page


Stepping Up The Quality Of Your Blurs

In non-fiction and documentary TV, blurring out things like product logos, license plates, addresses, and names is almost a guaranteed task most colorists will have to tackle at some point.

However, if you watch any TV these days – you’ll notice that this has become a bit of lost art. The amount of really ugly, lazy, badly done blurs and paint jobs I see on TV absolutely drives me insane!

Adding Value For The Client

Personally – I always try to take my blurs/paints to the best level they can be.

I really feel like my clients appreciate the little bit of extra effort, and it helps them keep coming back. So in this Insight – I want to go through some of the techniques I use on the Color Page to get more seamless, better-looking blurs.

I’ll walk you through:

  • Looking for challenges to address when doing a blur
  • How to get better window tracks by separating window positioning from tracking
  • Where to put blurs in the node tree
  • How to use color generators for more seamless patches where possible
  • Keyframing tips to deal with objects going off-screen or drifting
  • Using garbage mattes to deal with foreground objects and letterboxes
  • Keyframing blurs/patches on and off

ThisĀ Insight will focus on Color Page techniques – which is where I do most of these kinds of fixes. However, for some shots – more horsepower is needed, and the Fusion Page can really come to the rescue. In part two, I’ll go over a technique for painting out logos in Fusion.

Until then – leave any questions or comments below


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