Getting Up To Speed on HDR and Dolby Vision

High Dynamic Range (HDR) delivery is considered an immersive experience. Images appear more lifelike because the dynamic range of the final images (measured from pure black to peak white brightness) is much much wider than traditional television or film. These Insights take you on the journey of Mixing Light co-Founder Robbie Carman as he quests from setting up HDR and Dolby Vision until he finally becomes Dolby Vision certified in 2017.

HDR Essentials: What's HDR?

HDR is the 'next big thing' for color grading.In this Insight, get up to speed with two discussions about HDR with industry experts Bram Desmet & Juan Salvo

Getting To Know Dolby Vision Part 1: Terminology, Gear, and Workflow

In part 1 of our series on getting to know Dolby Vision HDR workflow & color correction, you learn the essentials of setting up a professional Dolby Vision mastering suite.

Getting To Know Dolby Vision Part 2: Delivering To non-HDR Televisions

In part 2 of our Dolby Vision series you learn more about suite setup. Then you dive into using the Dolby Vision trim controls (in DaVinci Resolve) for Standard Dynamic Range TVs. Plus, Dolby Vision 'mezzanine' file creation.

Setting Up HDR in Your Software

HDR Essentials - Getting Setup In Premire Pro

HDR video is coming, and coming fast.  In this Insight, learn how to get setup and work with HDR video in Premiere Pro's Lumetri Color Panel.  

HDR Essentials: Getting Setup In DaVinci Resolve

Diving into HDR (high dynamic range) video?  Check out this Insight to learn the essentials of getting setup for HDR in DaVInci Resolve

HDR Essentials: Reading The Scopes In DaVinci Resolve

The Waveform & RGB Parade are essential tools for color correction. But when working with HDR footage in Resolve reading them can be slightly confusing.  

Stereo Tools for HDR Workflows in DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve 12.5 has introduced some new Stereo features... to support HDR workflows for High Dynamic Range color grading. Learn more...

Monitoring for HDR and Dolby Vision Workflows

From The MailBag Episode 40: Talking About Dolby Vision

In this installment of From The MailBag, Team Mixing Light discusses Dolby Vision. Building on Robbie's recent articles, Patrick & Dan ask Robbie some questions about workflow and his recent trip to Dolby in Burbank, CA.

Using Reference Monitors & LG's OLEDS Together In The Color Suite

In this podcast, Team Mixing Light discusses using reference monitors & LG's consumer OLED televisions in our color suites.

From The Mailbag Ep 42: Revisiting Judd Modification For OLEDs

In this installment of From The Mailbag, Team Mixing Light answers a member question about using the Judd Modification for an OLED reference monitor.

First Look: FSI XM650U UHD Monitor

In this special Insight, Bram Desmet CEO & General Manager stops by Robbie's studio to take a look at the brand new FSI XM650U UHD OLED HDR Monitor. Learn about the essential design of the monitor, its capabilities and how it might help you.

External Resources

UHD: High Dymanic Range and Wide Color Gamut (

"The problem with HDR is a general lack of understanding as to what the technical aspects of HDR and WCG really are, and what they actually mean to the end viewed image. This tech page will highlight a number of such issues, and attempt to explain their associated potential benefits and problems."


DolbyVision Documentation

Official White Papers, Specifications, and Technical Documents


BBC R&D: HDR and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG)

A BBC unit documenting their research efforts on bringing HLG into every day usage.


Netflix Partner Guide: Color Grading and HDR

If you want to color correct and deliver HDR to Netflix, then this guide tells you what Netflix requires from you. It even includes contact information for DolbyVision training.


BBC PDF: Non-linear Opto-Electrical Transfer Functions for HDR TV

A very technical White Paper explaining the need for HDR and how to achieve it while being backwards compatible with existing televsions. (link is a direct PDF download)


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