How To Creatively Use DaVinci Resolve's Splitter-Combiner Nodes

How To Creatively Use DaVinci Resolve’s Splitter-Combiner Nodes

December 31, 2013

Learn how you can easily add some fun 'video distortion' to a music video or commercial using some creative Splitter-Combiner techniques in DaVinci Resolve.


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When you’re working on music videos and commercials sometimes the client will turn to you and say the famous line “we need to add something extra, something to make it POP”.  A great go to in my toolbox since Resolve version 10 is the ability to be able to work per color channel. It can help you add some of this mythical ‘pop’ to your image.

In the video below you’ll learn how to control each channel individually to execute an interesting RGB separation / distortion technique. Its not suited to every single job but once you add the creative splitter combiner techniques to your tool box you’ll have them ready and waiting when you need it!

An example of using the Splitter Combiner creatively

Directly below is a video where this technique was used in a recent music video for A$AP Rocky for his angels music video. The effect was actually created by Elliot Bellwood @ Smoke & Mirrors using an Autodesk Flame as it used to be quite difficult to achieve in Resolve. You can check his work out here. But it’s now simple to execute in Resolve 10 with the Splitter Combiner and is a great example of this technique!

Log in to see the example video and then scroll down to watch how I accomplish this same Look in Resolve 10.

– Dan

A$AP Rocky 'Angels' from Luke Monaghan on Vimeo.

How To Creatively Use DaVinci Resolve's Splitter-Combiner Nodes

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