Working With Blending Modes : Add/Screen

Color Correcting With Blending Modes : Using the Add & Screen Modes

January 4, 2014

In Part 2 of this series you learn how to use the Add and Screen blending modes to create glows, texture or light leaks to your moving images.


Working With Blending Modes: Add / Screen

In the previous Insight in this series, we looked at the Overlay blending mode. I’m back following up with two more blending modes. Remember, blending modes are a hugely powerful tool that can perform actions mathematically – in ways that are difficult to replicate using your normal color grading tools. In this Insight, we’re looking at two similar blending modes, with distinctly different feels – the Add and Screen modes. There are two different ways of using these modes, both with excellent results:

  • You can Add or Screen an image back on itself. I often do this to provide a glow type effect.
  • You can Add or Screen another image on top of your base image. I often do this to add a texture or light leak to the image.

In this Insight, you’re learning both methods. You can try this out yourself using the light leaks I’m using in this video. Download it from Projector Films, it’s their Pastel Shades light leak.


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