Rolo Case Study

Color Correction Breakdown – Rolo

November 17, 2014

Commercial Breakdown - Rolo. Dan shares another instalment of his series of behind the scenes insights. We build looks for different eras.


Breakdown: Rolo – Spanning a Lifetime

I recently completed a great spot for the chocolate Rolo and thought it would make a great addition to my Color Correction Breakdown series.

The spot was shot and directed by a talented DOP and proved to be a perfect chance to work on a visually beautiful film.

The commercial was shot on Red Epic with a lovely old Anamorphic lenses and we worked natively off the r3d files in Resolve for a 4k finish.

Oli Kember: Layers of Texture

This commercial was directed and shot by the wonderful DOP Oli Kember. You should check out his work here.

Oli is a brilliant photographer and cinematographer.He has a strong visual approach that provides a perfect canvas for an opinionated grade.

As you’ll see in my breakdown – we’ve three basic looks to tell a story that spans a lifetime.

  • One storyline is a muted, desaturated feel – but with two distinct colors punching through. Those colors help us tie the other two story lines together.
  • One storyline echoes an age long past.
  • One storyline is a modern love.

The thing to keep in mind when executing a job like this… the core essentials where there for me to work with. The beautiful flares. The art direction. The intercutting of story lines. A job like this is amazing because the emotion already exists. It’s my job to enhance the layers of texture build into the footage – to achieve Oli’s desired result.

The Color Correction Breakdown

I hope you enjoy this video breakdown. Due to the nature of commercial work, I can’t show you Before and Afters. But I can talk you through our thinking and what it took to get us to our final result.

Links mentioned in this Insight:

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– Dan

Rolo Case Study

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