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Grade Breakdown – Challenge Your Imagination

June 17, 2015

In this insight Dan shares a Grade Breakdown on a recent commercial to challenge you to use your eyes to notice all his grades


It’s been a while since I posted a purely theoretical grade breakdown so here we are!

I just finished an intense and powerful commercial for the Irish Road Safety Authority and I’m issuing a challenge.

Watch the commercial and try and break it down as much as possible. Then guess exactly what I did and hopefully spot even more than I did!

I mention an interview with Paul Harrison in my insight below. Check it out here! He’s a great colorist in London and his quote inspired this whole insight.

Baselight gives you all the tools you need, but it’s up to your imagination to use them.

Visualizing the finished image is often the hardest part of grading so in this insight that’s what we will focus on.

I’d like you to try and think of everything that I did to grade this spot and then watch my break down afterward.

Hopefully, you will find some interesting things that you had not thought about or noticed!

Looking forward to seeing all your comments

– Dan

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