Adding Grain Efficiently

May 10, 2014

Adding grain can be hard to manage in Resolve. Dan shows you the easiest way to have grain ready in your colorist toolbox.

Adding Grain Efficiently

In this insight we take a look at the exciting world of grain. Adding grain to your image adds a whole new layer of life to the image and takes your project from a digital clean look into an organic film world. With all the different grain options out there people are now getting more specific about their grain. They might want a high ASA grain for the externals but some clean low ASA grain for the internals.

I’m focusing on grain you can purchase that is added to your image using the overlay blending mode rather than using plugins that generate their own grain.

Managing all these grain options in Resolve can be quite tricky but in this insight I show you all 3 options including my newest and favorite option of using a combinations of track mode mattes and power grades to make adding grain as simple as a double click.

Check out the movie below to find out more!

– Dan

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