Adding Sunshine

Colorist Inspiration – Adding Sunshine

November 30, 2015

Adding Sunshine In post can be tricky but Dan shares his techniques in DaVinci resolve to turn dull and grey images into warm and sunny!


Colorist Inspiration – Adding Sunshine

Fixing Dull Weather In Post

A common grading request here in the dull and grey UK is adding sunshine to dull footage.

I thought I’d break down a dull dark shot and share my favorite techniques on how to add brightness and a drop of sunshine to the image.

This is a lot easier when working with Log or Raw footage as the extra dynamic range helps replicate how the camera would react to brighter and sunnier footage.

My main advice for approaching this technique is to stay away from making the image too warm!

Adding lots of red and yellow will make the image look fake and overly warmed.

Check out my video below to see more.

– Dan

Adding Sunshine

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