Advanced Node Operations for a Commercial Workflow in DaVinci Resolve

Rediscover The Basics – Advanced Node Operations

February 6, 2015

When you get into very advanced grading there are even more node operations to worry about. Dan shows you his layout for commercial grading.


How to build complicated node trees (without getting lost)

This insight was inspired by a great member and long term fellow colorist Colin Travers. In my previous insight I spoke about my node operations but what do I do when I have a more complex node tree.

In this insight, I discuss dealing with external mattes, grain, blending modes and a generally messy (and realistic grade setup)

All thought my node setup might be slightly messier than normal I still find my way around it easily as I always build my node graphs the same way which means I’m speedy!

When working on commercials it’s all about speed and remembering where your nodes are.

“Can you make that pack a little redder?” – Of course, I can and I jump straight back to where my keys are and make the adjustment in seconds.

Hopefully, this covers any leftover thoughts on node operations but if you have any more questions please do send them my way!!

– Dan

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Homepage Forums Rediscover The Basics – Advanced Node Operations

  • It would be cool if you could apply a power grade of say 10 nodes as one node that could be expanded and contracted.

  • Amazing Dan! Thank you man, we are so lucky to be able to ask you guys questions like this, and actually get an insight or message in return. I owe you a few pints buddy!

  • That would be a neat feature: a node “bundle”

  • To build upon this Insight and the previous one about node operations, I’d like to mention a blog post from Juan Melera that emphasizes what Dan has been explaining. Here’s the link for those interested :

  • Todd B

    Did this video disappear?

  • Patrick Inhofer

    Thanks for pointing this out Todd. Fixed!

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