Rediscover The Basics – Defining Texture In Your Image

Rediscover The Basics – Defining Texture In Your Image

April 20, 2015

Defining Texture is a great decision to make early on when grading. Do you want it to look glossy and commercial or textured and filmic?


What is texture? And how do you add it to your image?

While teaching at NAB this year I spoke to some awesome Mixing Light members who said they loved my back to basic’s series so I thought I’d re-launch it!

In case you haven’t seen any Insights in this series before please do check out the links on the side of the page to see my previous insights.

In this insight, we will be taking a look at a thought process that I am finding comes up in almost every grade.

It’s related to our good old friend contrast and it comes down to one decision with two very different progression paths.

Do you want to make it look :

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