Skin Tone Essentials: Hands, Arms, Legs and Feet Part One

Skin Tone Essentials: Hands, Arms, Legs and Feet Part One

March 15, 2017

Have you ever considered hands or legs when doing a beauty grade? We spend hours on faces but the skin should match all over the body.


We spend hours and hours worrying about faces but what about hands or legs?

I’ve been grading a huge amount of fashion this year from jeans commercials to the summer swimwear campaigns and I have spent hours and days working on things like red kneecaps, purple hands and even green arms.

I totally forgot that this is something I’ve never spoken about here on Mixing Light until Robbie reminded me.

So here it goes!

This area is pretty complex as it all depends on how much time you have.

I recently had 3 days to grade 1×60-second commercial and 10x 10-second cutdowns. I share the results of that grade at the start of my insight below.

I then jump into some examples of how skin tone varies.

You can download both the clips I used.

The first is from the Red website that you can grab here

The second is from the awesome John Brawley that you can grab here

Lets jump into my video below!


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2 thoughts on “Skin Tone Essentials: Hands, Arms, Legs and Feet Part One”

  1. Skin tones really just occupy a whole world unto themselves, hey. Would you say it’s possible the biggest topic in colour grading over all?

    Looking forward to the detailed insights. I’m really hoping they are quite long, very detailed looks into the workflows…Or however long it takes to demonstrate thoroughly. It’s probably tedious work for you even to simply show us, so I appreciate anything you can give us. Also, it sounds like there could be a lot of tail chasing when you have to match these super specific changes across lots of shots. Basically, it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun! haha.

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