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Grading Challenge – Beauty Grading Brief

September 15, 2017

Beauty grading is a discipline all on its own. Dan shares a typical client brief and will offer stages of feedback like a real world client


Grading Challenge – Beauty Grading Brief

A Look Into The Crazy World Of Beauty Grading

In this Insight I’m going to issue a very tough challenge for beauty grading.

I initially thought about being easy to start but the goal of this series is to give you real world examples and feedback so it’ll be an interesting experiment to see how it turns out.

Beauty work is hard and very time consuming but with practice can become an oddly fun area of grading with lots of problem-solving and creative solutions.

To get you in the mood here are some examples of some fashion jobs I have graded

This Primark Beauty spot was all about invisible refinement

This Loewe spot had about 35-40 nodes on each shot

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32 thoughts on “Grading Challenge – Beauty Grading Brief”

          1. Looks great Rami! Could we have two variations on color temperature also? The client is unsure if they would like to go more neutral or possibly even a cold version

    1. This looks great Matt! It looks a little heavy in the shadows, any way to bring some detail back slightly?

      Could we knock the softening back by 20-25%? At the moment i can notice it slightly. If you blend the original back slightly it should look amazing!

    1. Looks Great Grzegorz! I really like the colour contrast in this one and eyes. Could we try adding a little or warmth back into the skin or taking some of the blue out of the background? Apart from that it looks great

      1. Thank you for your comments! You are right. I was staring to long for this and after the brake I can clearly see that skin tones needs to be warmed. Prepared two versions one with just skin tones warmed up and second one where I also warmed up background a bit. Let me know what you think 🙂

          1. Any chance I can get a copy of the grade? I’m so new at advanced grading like this, I’d love to be able to learn from your grade.

    1. Looks great Danny! Could we try taking a little magenta out of the skin and going slightly warmer in the highlights? I also wonder if softening the vignette around her would help as my eyes keep getting drawn to the background lights at the moment

    1. Hi Luca! Great job so far. It looks like her face has gotten a little desaturated, if you could make it a little more saturated and warm like her arms that would be great. Could we also try a little more color in the image in general? The background has almost gone a little too B&W. Can’t wait to see your next round!

      1. Hey Alfonso! I think I prefer the second one as it has more seperation in general and the Resolve version looks clipped in the highlights and a bit too magenta for me. If you have a look at the detail in her shirt that is a good place to see how the clipping is happening. I also think the baselight version looks a little too sharp and saturated.

    1. Hey Josh! Great attempt so far! I think the main think I notice about this image is that is’s possibly been graded a little too much. The eyes and lips sit on top of her face rather than looking natural and her skintone sits in a very warm green place when the background is magenta/blue. I bet if you tried to re-build this grade but using a single node for the primary corrections it would come out a lot cleaner if you are up for trying that?

    1. Looks great! you got a lovely amount of saturation and color separation in the image. A couple of tips would be that her top has been pulled back a little too much. You can see that it has gone green and lost the white shine that you’d expect when working with fashion. I would also try dropping the gain and saturation on the skin back a tiny bit to see if it helps glue the image together a little more

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