Grading Challenge – Follow My Brief

August 10, 2017

Following a brief for unattended grades can be incredibly difficult. Dan sets up a virtual client grade and will give feedback on your grade in the comments


Grading Challenge – Follow My Brief

Client Briefing And Feedback Challenge

I have been doing so many unattended grades these days where I’ve been sent some stills and a few lines of text as a brief.

These jobs can be so difficult as if we misinterpret one small detail we go off on a tangent and end up running into trouble when the client first looks at it.

With that in mind, I’d like to set a grading challenge.

At the very bottom of this article, there is a link to some demo footage, my text brief and also some reference images.

I want you to grade the shot and post either a still or a link to a moving version.

I’ll then give you feedback as a virtual client. I’ll try and randomise my feedback so it’s not all essentially “good grading”.

I’ll make sure to reference my real world client feedback to make sure it’s as hilarious as the feedback I get.

Half the battle of being a professional colorist is knowing how to dynamically change your grades and manage the client’s feedback.

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  • Hi from France !

    Here my grade :

  • Tony Shek

    Here’s my go at it.

  • Dan Moran

    Looks great Joni! The client has sent us some feedback and thinks its all a little dark and warm. Could we push the car a little brighter and try cooling it down further? I also just found out the car is supposed to be Pantone 3115 could you make sure the car matches that reference?

  • Dan Moran

    Just had feedback from the client. They love how the darker sections feel dusky. Could we push the daylight sections to feel more like sunset? We also just had the car color reference. It should match Pantone 3115.

  • Dan Moran

    Just had feedback from our client. Our director loves the look but the client was wondering if there is any way to make the car pop through out the shot? Even though they requested a filmic feel they are comparing our grade to the press stills which are mega sharp and modern. We also have this reference color for the car now of Pantone 3115

  • Dan Moran

    Looks great Glen! Could we try and push more grain and filmic feel into the image? The clients love it but the director was hoping to add more grain and grit to the image. We also now have a color reference of Pantone 3115 for the care. If you could match it to the reference that would be great!

  • Dan Moran

    Looks great Tony! The client thinks we could actually go darker on the image. Could we push it all a bit more towards sunset while keeping the car popping out? It would be great to see it with heavier grain also. Could you match the car to the Pantone reference we just received? Its Pantone 3115. Thanks!

  • Matt Floryan

    I’m a little late but here is my version. I kinda cheated and saw a some of the feedback already.

  • Hi Dan,
    Hope the client likes this better 😉

  • There was a bad render or something ignore this

  • Hello mr client. Take a look at this first draft to see if we are heading in the same direction. Looking forward to your feedback.

    shot_01_v01.mp4 22.2 MB The URL will expire on Sep 19.

  • Hello Mr Client, I haven’t heard from you since I submitted my draft.

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