From The Grading Room Wonderful Life

From The Grading Room – Wonderful Life

May 31, 2016

Dan shares parts of his conversation about the grade on recent wonderful life commercial grade.


I had the pleasure of recently grabbing a beer and talking grading with Jean-Clément Soret the Global Creative Director of Colour Grading at MPC London.

As you all know I’m a huge fan of his work and we spoke about one commercial in particular.

I think it would be great if you could watch the commercial before reading on!

The Commercial

Now that you’ve seen it what were your honest thoughts?

My honest thoughts is that it was mostly shot on films with perhaps a couple of Alexa shots thrown in.

The only thing that was half suspicious was the 16:9 aspect on the more 8mm looking footage but I’ve had people do that many times before.

Well I was totally wrong.

The whole commercial was a combination of Alexa with Panavision B Series anamorphics and Alexa mini with Cooke S2 lenses.

I was very very surprised.

The grade is incredibly filmic and feels very authentic to my eyes.

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  • The lenses play a big part as well, specially anamorphic bokeh.

  • Thanks for sharing what your learned in your conversation with Jean-Clément. Very interesting about the No LUTs and generated grain. Looking back, every job I’ve used a LUT does look similar, no matter what i do.

  • Looking forward to more of this kind of material, thank you Dan!

  • Interesting that you give the example of star wars as a feature that was shot on film yet looks crisp and nice. A lot of the times I see a film I like, like star wars for example, and I see a lot of contrast and a lot of beautifully beefy saturated color, but a lot of the times in my personal experience the clients for some reason don’t want that. More often then not they choose muted colour raised blacks and and low contrast vs the healthy saturated healthy contrast looks. It’s a real problem for me to the point that I sometimes think my tastes are not right for the industry that I work in. After all what is the point for me to research all these beautiful filmic grades if in the end of the day clients don’t want but want to be closer to the log c look.

  • Did he mention how long it took him to grade this ad?

  • LoganBockrath

    Wow, that Ikea ad is incredible.

  • Hey Dan, this is a wonderful share, thanks so much!
    Hoping to see new insights based on your research very soon!

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