Alternate Uses For Shared Nodes in DaVinci Resolve

March 1, 2024

Learn how to unlock the utility of Shared Nodes by minimizing the need to switch between the clip-level and timeline-level node graphs.

Mixing Light Short: Using A Shared Node as a ‘Master Toggle’

Shared nodes are an expedient tool that can offer consistency–and predictability–to your node graph. But did you know Shared nodes do not need to be operated exclusively on the Clip level of the node graph? In this Insight, you learn how to control a ‘look node’ at the Timeline level of the node graph while working at the Clip level.

Key takeaways from this Insight

By the end of this Insight, you’ll:

  • Get a quick review of how Shared Nodes work.
  • Transform a serial corrector node into a Shared Node.
  • Understand how Shared Nodes operate on the Clip level of the node graph.
  • How to add a corrector node outside of the node graph flow.
  • Create Shared Nodes on the Timeline level of the node graph.
  • Use the Timeline level operation on other levels of the node graph.

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Questions or Comments? Leave a comment!

Have you found or developed a novel use for Shared Nodes? Let me know! I’m always looking for opportunities to add efficiency to my workflows.

– Jason

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