How To Combine Group Grades With Shared Nodes While Avoiding The Pitfalls

September 3, 2020

In Part 2 of this advanced workflow series, learn how you can use Shared Nodes inside Group Grades for quick & easy revisions down the road.


Part 2: Using Shared Nodes to apply looks and effects that depend on clip-level tracked power windows

In the first part of this series we learned how to combine Shared Nodes and Group Grades to gain flexibility, efficiency and consistency across multiple groups.  In this Insight, you’ll employ that concept as part of an innovative method for executing a Power Window-based look across multiple groups while maintaining a single, shared node for making client revisions.  This method avoids the typical ‘ripple changes’ and ‘paste attributes’ operations, using Shared Nodes to apply a stylized look across multiple groups that are driven by individual tracked Power Windows on every shot.

Techniques covered in this Insight

  • Creating shared nodes
  • Using groups
  • Applying shared nodes across multiple groups
  • Combining shared nodes with Power Windows
  • Separating Power Windows and tracking operations from color operations
  • Layer mixers & blending modes
  • Directional Blur OFX


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