Nominations 2017

Colorist Inspiration – UKMVA’s Best Color Nominations 2017

October 28, 2017

Dan shares his thoughts about the UKMVA nominations 2017 for best music video color grading award and asks you to predict the winner


The best color nominations 2017 are out!

It’s that time of year again where we look at the nominations 2017 for one of the few grading awards available to us colorists has come around.

The UKMVAs are a craft orientated awards for people who work in the music video industry and held annually here in London.

I’ve never been on the judging panel but I know it’s made up of a mix of colorists, vfx artists, producers and cinematographers.

I also heard there was 120 entries this year which is amazing to see such great competition!

The awards are always judged by people from the industry so it’s a fair look at the current trends and creatives currently pushing the boundaries in music videos.

This year MPC have dominated the nominations with 4 of their colourists being nominated. With nominations from mostly their LA office.

Lets take a look at the nominations for some top level color grading inspiration!

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Homepage Forums Colorist Inspiration – UKMVA’s Best Color Nominations 2017

  • The combination of cinematography and color grading in “Gotta get a grip” is simply one step above the others, even if we are talking about the bests.

  • Aaron Hinton

    Dan, I’d love to know your thoughts about how to achieve this vintage, 3-strip technicolor look that was created for the new Sia “Santa’s Coming For Us” music video. (It starts after the black and white sequence).

  • Dan Moran

    Very cool! I’ll do some investigating and see what i can figure out!

  • Aaron Hinton

    Thanks, Dan! I think it’s a really cool look and I hope to do something similar for an upcoming project! Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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