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Color Correcting Using New Software – Have Confidence In Yourself

November 1, 2017

Most of us are more comfortable using the same software all the time but why limit your opportunities? Dan shares his tips on learning a new software.

Don’t limit yourself to one piece of software

I’ve recently had to re-learn Baselight for a potential upcoming project and at first I was a little terrified as learning a new software is such a creative block.

Sure I had dabbled in Baselight Editions before and it was fun… but this was a whole project, with clients and just me in the room.

This has also been a great reminder that sure you can learn a software for fun but the best way to focus the mind is by needing to do a real job.

My whole attitude was different this time. I wasn’t leisurely clicking through the menus for fun.

I was sitting with a real project and made myself do every step of the way.

Conform -> Balance -> Set The Look -> Windows -> Keying etc.. right up to rendering.

It’s amazing what you can do when you have the project open in DaVinci Resolve on a laptop and then emulate the same process in Baselight and don’t give up until you have the same result.

Remember we are the most important part of the grade, not the software!

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  • RAMI

    very nice to go into other grading software to check how it is deal with image, a week ago I downloaded baselight for avid to give it try and i love how its works. but I have question about the fathering when you apply a shape, I feel the fathering in baselight is better than Resolve (i mean the gradient from white to black in the matte ) so did you feel that also ?

  • Marty Webb

    This is cool to see. I’ve recently had a similar experience where I was doing some symphony work at a facility that had a Baselight sitting empty for a few days. I just jumped in and started playing. I’m getting reasonable fast with it. I need to find a little bit more time before I can confidently do a paying Baselight job still though.

    I might try approaching filmlight for a day or two of training just to get me there.

    But it’s really interesting seeing your similar experience with just diving in.

    Nice post!

  • Hi Dan
    Im also doing my post for photography in Resolve, however im not sure what is the best settings color wise to choose. I should be setting my project in a different color space than what we usually do for video? Like sRGB, etc…
    Thank you so much

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